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Shay spent more than 25 years working intensively with individuals and families in the realm of inner healing.  This combined with her background as a Christian teacher and house church elder, gave her a broad grasp of the essential elements of emotional recovery.  Her unique sensitivity and insight, along with her exuberant faith, helped her guide many people to deep emotional healing within the context of God’s great love for them.

Shay was licensed by Dove Christian International Fellowship as Senior Elder of Hays Fellowship  House  Church. Shay earned a Bachelor of Practical   Ministry and held a  Certificate for Deliverance Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute.   She  was an author of  Mysteries of Christ and a cookbook, A Taste of Home, co-authored with her daughter Heather. Formerly, Shay was Director of Stephen Ministries, Women’s Ministry Director, and co-founder of Inside  Out  Club  at  the Hays Presbyterian Church; and  from   1996-2006 Young Life Area Director for Hays, KS


The Shay Meckenstock Girls Training School * Ghana * West Africa

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